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Lorenz Gygax [image of lg while milking] [image of lg while sailing] [image of lg with bike]

Contact: Lorenz Gygax (lg @ lorenzgygax.ch)

  • career

    • 1970, January, 13th: date of birth
    • 1988: Matura
    • 1992: Diploma thesis, ETH Zurich (proximate biology)
    • 2000: PhD, University of Zurich (behaviour ecology and statistics)
    • 2000-2002: statistician for brunner & hess software ag

    • 2002-2010: postdoctoral studies

      • 2002: Individual based modelling of cultural transmission with Charlotte Hemelrijk at the Artificial Intelligence-Lab at the Institute of Informatics of the University of Zurich

      • 2003-2010: Proper housing of animals at the Centre for Proper Housing of Ruminants and Pigs, Federal Food Science and Veterinary Office.

    • 2009-2017: Scientist at the Center for Proper Housing of Ruminants and Pigs (ZTHT, Swiss Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office, at Agroscope, Tänikon)

    • from 2017 onwards: Scientist at the the Humboldt Universitšt zu Berlin at the group of Animal Husbandry responsible for Comparative Vertebrate Ethology.
  • peer reviewed publications: